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Passenger carrying buses are classifies based on: 1)Distance traveled by the vehicle 2)Capacity of the vehicle 3)Shape and Style of the vehicle 1.Distance travelled by the vehicle: 1. MINI BUS: It should have a seating capacity upto 25.  It built on light duty truck chassis. It has front mounted engine and rear axle drive. It has soft and comfort suspension. It has reasonably comfortable seat.  It has fairly small entry platforms.    2.Town bus These buses are used for a short distance of about 20kms.   They are provided with large number of standing places two places, wide doors with large…

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BUS BODY It the portion of a bus that encloses the bus’s occupant space, exclusive of the bumpers, the chassis frame any structure forward of the forward most point of the windshield mounting. The bus body builder will build the body onto the chassis. This will involve major consideration of:  Seating capacity  Staircase position/design (double-decker buses)  Number and position of doors  usage BUS BODY LAYOUT: Entrance doorway skirt panel Skirt panel front of front N/S wheel arch Skirt panel rear of front N/S wheel arch N/S main side panel Bay1. Air filter access cap. N/S main side panel Bay2….

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